Strengthening Relationships…
    For a Lifetime

Our counseling, education and support services are practical, affordable, effective, and based on up-to-the-minute knowledge about how we become who we are, why we behave the way we do, and how we can grow into the life we want to lead.

There are times when we all need support: when we face transitions, when life’s obstacles seem insurmountable, when we want to feel better about ourselves and our relationships. Since 1978, APPLE FamilyWorks has been providing positive and compassionate guidance for people of all ages and circumstances in order to help them overcome challenges.

  • In valuing the cultures in which people live, we have long been providing a safe place for all to come in times of crisis or distress.
  • In understanding the importance of body-mind health, we have been committed pioneers in helping individuals heal and grow.
  • In understanding the importance of family, we have been consistent innovators in helping families reduce conflict and strengthen relationships.

Based upon core beliefs that we are all interconnected and deserving of hope and respect, APPLE FamilyWorks is here to help you enhance well-being, strengthen relationships and attain your life goals!

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