Parenting Program Reviews

happy family

  • “The class setting is very inviting and comfortable” Mom
  • “The teachers are great – entertaining and knowledgeable.” Dad
  • “My wife had to drag me along to the class and now, I am so glad I came.” Dad
  • “The workbooks are helpful. We refer to them often.” Mom and Dad
  • “The When… then technique really works.” Grandparent
  • “The temperament information shed a whole new light on our family.” Mom
  • “My partner and I are much happier at home. Thank you.” Dad
  • “The kids are getting along much better.” Mom
  • “I’m telling my friends about your classes. I wish I’d known about them sooner.” Day care teacher
  • “I have referred people in my Mom’s Group to your class. Thank you so much!!” Mom

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